I love how my patient care coordinator calls me before I run out of meds and they deliver them on time! I have no trouble with these services. Thank you for providing excellent service!

— Jeffery M., Chattanooga, TN

Curant Health provides patient value to pharmaceutical manufacturers by bridging gaps in current care models and increasing brand sustainability.

We optimize continuity of care through our focus on four core areas:


Patient access

Curant Health provides successful prior authorization and reauthorization partnerships from inception to completion. Our prior authorization process is built on a foundation of communication and identification of the patient’s PA need, initiation, completion, submission and finally, the overall application status. Additionally, prior authorizations may undergo review by a clinical pharmacist to ensure each submission receives the attention it requires.

Continuous patient and provider engagement

From patient intake, including medication reconciliation, to enhanced medication therapy management, including consistent, regular patient engagement and education to identify and overcome barriers to adherence, the Curant Health team’s accessibility and pharmacological knowledge create a vital bridge between patients and providers. We help keep patients adherent to therapy so they enjoy improved therapeutic outcomes.

Delivery of care management services

 Our care management team is comprised of experienced nurses and clinical pharmacists who have extensive knowledge of chronic condition management. They are experts in delivering patient-centered support for non-complex and complex patient management.  

Reporting of key clinical performance metrics

We know data are critical to proving value. This is why we engage leading providers like Johns Hopkins to prove the value of our own programs. For manufacturers, we can provide difficult to acquire, real-world clinical outcomes and other data needed to prove, or improve, access to pharmaceutical therapies and their real-world results.





Our patient care management models, built on continuous patient and provider engagement, deliver partner value through real-world results. Here’s more proof:

Thrive Alabama: 19% overall increase in the proportion of HIV patients with suppressed viral loads (HIV patients enrolled 2011-2014)

University of Alabama-Birmingham 1917 Clinic: 73% – 88% increase in the proportion of HIV patients with suppressed viral loads (600 patient study)

Virginia Commonwealth University: 11.5% overall increase in the proportion of HIV patients with suppressed viral loads (130 patient study)

90% SVR for hepatitis C patients co-infected with HIV. Read more. 

Kristin Lindsey, Senior Director of Marketing