Sara, my patient care coordinator, is very nice and courteous. She talks to me like she knows me well and we've never even met! Before [Curant Health] I was going to the pharmacy once or twice a week since my meds would expire at different times. Now, the blister packs are great and everything is together! Sara calls right on the money and everything is delivered when she says it will be. I don’t know what else to say except she’s great!

— William A., Lula, GA

Meet our patients

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"The financial assistance Curant provided was an instant relief, and my partner and I are both very appreciative."

My partner and I have had a long journey trying to successfully manage the financial burdens that often accompany our chronic conditions. Thankfully, we found Curant Health through the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) 1917 Clinic. We were introduced to Curant due to the positive relationship between the company and UAB. Before I became a shared patient of Curant, I was paying over $1,500 every quarter in copays for my medications.

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“It wasn't until I spoke with Curant that I realized I couldn't continue with the roulette game of hoping my medications showed up at the right locations at the right time.”

Four months ago, I was at my doctor’s office in Augusta, Georgia when a representative from Curant approached me and asked if there was anything I wish I could change about the current way I received my medications.

Up until that point, I had been experiencing some inconveniences when receiving my medications, but like so many others, I just came to accept and tolerate the monthly challenges I had to face.

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"Curant has been tremendous and a real blessing. Curant Health has saved my life. Thank you."

Before Robert J. was diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, including diabetes, he had a passion for healthcare and was practicing nursing. However, once his health took a turn for the worse, getting out of bed went from an everyday action to an emotional and physical chore.

“There were ups and downs – one week I’m on top of the world and the next, I’m down and out. That bothers me. I can’t practice nursing and I miss doing that.”

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“Chelsea, my patient care coordinator, has been phenomenal! Whenever I call her she is there, helping me with whatever I need!"

Marissa was only a child when she learned that she was pre-diabetic. From age 8 until 18, she went to a children’s center in Dallas every 3-6 months to monitor her condition.  When she reached 18, years of anger and frustration about being pre-diabetic came to a head, and Marissa stopped going for regular visits.

Marissa avoided managing her condition for several years until April 2016.  That’s when she got very sick and landed in an urgent care facility with an extremely swollen stomach and shortness of breath. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes shortly thereafter.

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It's really simple! It's much easier without the bottles. Now we have more time to actually visit my mother and really visit with her.

Dorothy lives in the southern region of Mississippi and was introduced to Curant Health through her son, Barbara’s brother. Dorothy has several chronic illnesses, including a heart condition, and her medication regime consists of an average of two dozen medications taken on a daily basis.

After joining the Curant Health family in 2015, Dorothy’s daughter, Barbara, immediately noticed positive changes that affected not only her routine as primary caregiver, but her mother’s as well; Barbara immediately gained more time.

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"It's all right there - AM, Lunch, PM. All the meds are pre-sorted, and my mom doesn't have to deal with all the pill bottles."

Meet our patients, Mary and Frank, who enrolled in Curant Health’s personalized medication management program in December 2015. Mary and Frank are both in their 90s and live independently in their own home. They are Summit Medical Group patients, and each has a chronic illness. Frank has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Mary is diabetic.

With few relatives living close by, Mary has long acted as the primary caretaker for the couple.

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Says Vollman, "The way Curant Health personalized Tim's medication packaging turned him around 180 degrees."

Jim Vollman, the HIV Program Director for The Living Bridge, a Ryan White entity in North Georgia, met Tim when he was 22-years-old. Tim had been diagnosed with HIV two years earlier, in April 2008 and bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in June of the same year.

One complicating factor for Tim was his complete aversion to taking pills. Vollman and his staff eventually discovered in early 2009 that Tim had not been taking his HIV medications for nearly a year. One complicating factor for Tim was a complete aversion to taking pills.

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"You have all made my life easier by taking away the stress I felt when I received medications from the retail pharmacy.”

Recently, we invited our patient Debra E., to Curant Health’s Florida office for our Celebrating Our Patients patient appreciation day. During her visit, Debra highlighted her own appreciation towards meeting her entire Curant care team, face to face.

Debra explained her initial impression meeting her care team. “It will be so wonderful to meet TJ in person and talk to everyone there.”

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"We were able to provide personalized services for Robert, because VCU ID Clinic and Curant have the same goal of ensuring patients experience the best patient journey. "

Curant Health has partnered with VCU ID Clinic since 2013 as a 340B contract pharmacy and to provide medication management support services. One unique aspect of our partnership is the shipment of Ensure meal supplements for selected underweight patients. One such patient is Robert G.

Robert, an HIV-positive patient with throat cancer, has been a shared patient of the two organizations since 2016.

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“The conversation I had that day turned out to be a godsend. Enrolling with Curant Health has given me breathing room.”

In 2001, University of Alabama, 1917 Clinic patient Rick was diagnosed with HIV and spent the following summer as a patient at the local hospital.

Rick’s CD4 count was eight and his viral load was in the hundreds of thousands.  As Rick explained it, his immune system was “nonexistent,” and he said he was in bed the entire summer with pneumocystis pneumonia (an infection that caused fluid buildup in the lungs).

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We conducted new patient phone surveys with our patients from Internal Medicine Specialists. Meet Calvin, Lillie and David.

We enjoy hearing feedback from our patients, as it is our intent to ensure we understand their needs and provide exceptional service and support for our patients on their health journeys.

During a 2-day period, we spoke to some of our patients receiving our personalized services from our new partnership with Internal Medicine Specialists (IMS). Calvin, Lillie and David are patients from IMS who enrolled in Curant Health’s medication management program between July – December 2016.

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You need to get a great team of people around you to help you through. Curant Health is definitely a part of my team.

I was ten years old when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In fifth grade, I noticed gradual changes with my body. All I wanted to do was rest. I was always raising my hand to go to the bathroom, and I was constantly thirsty. My teacher first noticed that something was wrong and called my mother. After confirming that I had been acting that way at home as well as in school, my mother was informed that I needed to be taken to the doctor. Next week I went to the doctor and had my blood sugar checked.

After being diagnosed with diabetes, I had to make numerous lifestyle changes.

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Robert’s patient care coordinator spoke to him every month to ensure he remained adherent.

Presenting with a CD4 count of only 21, doctors gave Robert months to live. Weighing 98 pounds, his HIV had progressed to Stage 3 AIDS. Though he wanted to get better, he had to make decisions on which medications to buy based on what he could afford.

Complicating Robert’s case was the fact that he had developed coronary artery disease and needed a bypass. However, surgeons could not consider him a candidate for the procedure until his HIV viral load became undetectable.

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“Everyone at Curant is very willing to help me with anything when I call them or when they call me.”

Nancy lives in a town of about 16,000 in the central part of Maine near Messalonskee Lake. She enjoys spending her time tending to her garden, a hobby she finds to be both therapeutic and a labor of love. She lives in a quiet, private neighborhood with five nearby houses on five different roads.  And while Nancy’s family lives about half an hour away, most of her days are well-spent at her local clinic where she works as a Peer Advocate.

Not only is Nancy an employee of her local clinic, but she is also a patient there.

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"My patient care coordinator, Alan, always calls in a timely manner. I appreciate how he keeps me informed about changes."

Dennis, HIV patient


"I love how my patient care coordinator listens to me and has patience when answering all of my questions."

Everly, rheumatoid arthritis patient


"The communication has been great for me. I like the advanced notice I get regarding my medication before it's in the mail."

Lionel, heart failure patient


"I love the communication! It's nice to know every month when I'll get my meds. It's not on my plate to worry about anymore."

Jeffrey, IBD patient


“I could not ask for better service or for a better patient care coordinator. I always feel that Elizabeth cares sincerely!”

Donald, HIV patient


"The first thing I thought about Curant was how helpful it would be to have my daughter’s medications delivered with no hassle or fuss."

Londyn has been a Curant patient for a year and her mother states that, “I will always appreciate the relationship I’ve formed with Londyn’s PCC, Sara and the care Curant continuously ensures Londyn receives.”

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“Lori is my patient care coordinator and she provides a great service; in this program, I have no worries and I’m stress free.”

Tanya, HIV patient


"They take the time to call and talk to you. They take the time to take care of your needs. Thanks for being so precise with your work."

Charlie, HIV patient


"The staff at Curant Health is wonderful! They make sure I receive my medicines in a timely fashion which is absolutely excellent."

Caroline, IBD patient


"You all are lifesavers! My health has been excellent since I transferred from my pharmacy to you!"

Rosalinda, diabetes patient


"My patient care coordinator is extremely helpful. Arlene always works to cover every base and answer all of my questions!"

Cody, HIV patient